The owner of intellectual property (IP) is one of the important elements for accreditation assessment and the rank of university including researchers. Every year, central government allocates huge budget under directorate general of research and community service for research and development of science and technology at higher education and research institutions in Indonesia. However, with the huge budget allocation, it seems still not giving significant contribution on IP development. Meanwhile, based on the data indicate that countries with strong economy and technology have positive correlation with the owner of IP such as USA, China, Japan, Germany, South Korean, and other European countries. However, right now, there was indication that the awareness of university staffs and researchers to protect their IP from other people was relatively high.

Based on these reasons, IP Central UNSYIAH collaboration with SPIRE project conducted one day workshop for preparing intellectual property documents. This workshop was carried out at academic activity center (AAC) Syiah Kuala University on 26 of July 2018. In this activity, UNSYIAH invited keynote speaker (Juldin Bahriansyah ST. M.Si) from ministry of research, technology and higher education (IP division). He presented about the procedure for IP application, IP policy and also discussion about IP drafting. Workshop was attended by coordinator of SPIRE from Unsyiah Prof. Dr. Samadi, M.Sc, members of SPIRE Dr. Ir. Abdullah, M.Sc. as the head of IP at UNSYIAH, and Zulfadhli, ST, MT. Workshop was officially opened by Dr. T. Zulham, SE, M.Si. as secretary of research and community service at UNSYIAH. The participants of the workshop were lectures and researchers not only from UNSYIAH but also from other universities in Banda Aceh such as Muhammadiyah University (UNMUHA) and Abulyatama University (UNAYA) with 35 participants. The workshop was very interactive and communicative.

One of the important points in this workshop being repeated several times by participants after getting information from keynote speaker is that preparing document for IP application was not so difficult compared to publication in international journal. However, waiting time from application to get granted patent was very long spending about 3-5 years. It will be one of obstacles for persons to apply IP. So far, information about intellectual property was very limited to researchers, they only know about patent. On the other hand, there are other IP attributes needed not too long for recognition such as copy right, brand, trade secrets, industrial design, plant protection and so on. It was expected that by this workshop, the number of IP application from researchers at Unsyiah will improve. The result of the workshop will impact not only on institution accreditation but also the rank of university.