Knowledge-based societies are underpinned by solid capacities in Intellectual Property (IP), research and innovation (R&I). These three pillars are closely interrelated, being sound IP practice instrumental in managing R&I effectively.

The increased sophistication of research and global demand for competitive R&I conform challenging scenarios for HEIs, particularly in regions with unsteady IP systems, such as the ASEAN, where IP legislation and performance differs from country to country. The endeavours made at the regional level to align IP practice with international standards need to be supplemented with institutional actions of different nature if HEIs genuinely aspire to become active components in the innovation chain.

Against this background, SPIRE’s overall objective is contributing to the effectiveness of R&I management at the PC HEIs by enhancing IP capacities at three complementary levels, thereby addressing major difficulties identified in the target ASEAN countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand):

➢ Knowledge & kills of staff and students, by transferring good practices from EU HEIs, and implementing the Capacity Building Programme (on-site/online) for professional development;

➢ Infrastructure & policy, by setting up IP Management Units (IPMUs) at HEIs to provide comprehensive and centralised IP assistance, and formulating/upgrading institutional IP policies; and

➢ Regional cooperation, by promoting regional-wide initiatives, such as a functional IP Network for HEIs, able to pass on experiences from more advanced countries to less developed ones and boost improvement.


Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

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