The AUN-IP is a regional network of universities, organizations and individuals (hereinafter the members), created within the frame of The Erasmus Plus project SPIRE.


The AUN-IP brings together IP practitioners from across the ASEAN Region to promote and facilitate the sharing of professional knowledge, experiences and good practices on IP Management across the ASEAN Higher Education Area and beyond and explore potential avenues for collaboration.

The objectives are:


  • Share knowledge, information, and best practices among the members
  •  on the management and protection of IP in HEI;
  • Create a training platform to build the capacity of the network members onIP related subjects;
  • Provide linkages between universities, organizations, national intellectual property agencies and other stockholders interested in improving their IP management policies and mechanisms;Vision and Guiding PracticesThe AUN-IP Network vision is to advance IP management in the ASEAN higher education through the spirit of regional collaboration.

    The AUN-IP Network shall be guided in its decision-making by the principles of diversity, collaboration, excellence, integrity and learning.


    The AUN-IP network shall be composed of the Members, a Steering Committee and a Secretariat.

    Founding Members:

    The AUN-IP Network is made up of the following Founding Members:


Founding Members


University Teknologi Malaysia


Multimedia university


Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember


Syiah Kuala University


University of the Philippines


Mindanao State University


Chulalongkorn University


Burapha University


All members shall endorse the terms of this Charter, and implement the programmes, projects and activities of the AUN-IP Network.

Eligibility for Membership: Membership shall be open to any college or university center, institute, organization or professional that engages IP management. Membership is granted after completion and receipt of a membership application and annual dues, and approval from the Steering Committee.

Categories of membership: The Steering Committee shall have the authority to establish and define categories of membership.

Annual dues: The amount required for annual dues is dependent on a center, institute or organization’s total annual budget. The dues levels for Voting Members will be reviewed and set annually by the Steering Committee and reported to the membership at the annual meeting. Continued membership is contingent upon being up-to-date on membership dues.

Voting: Each member shall be eligible to appoint one voting representative to cast the member’s vote in Network elections.

Non-Voting Members: The Steering Committee shall have the authority to establish and define the categories of membership for non voting members, to define the membership benefits, and to set dues for these members.


Prof. Dr. Samsilah Roslan ( Dean Faculty of Educational Studies )


Pm Ts Dr. Noor Azurati Binti Ahmad Salleh  ( Director )


Azlin Abd Jamil 


Innovation and Commercialisation Centre (ICC), 
Industry Centre, Technovation Park, 
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, 
81310 Skudai, Johor 
Tel (O): +607 5591584 
Tel (HP): +6019 7769000 

Network documents:


Network Charter


Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

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