The Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education is really concerned with the commercialization of innovative products at the universities. The products can be parts of research outputs and innovation activities. Successful commercialization of innovative products at the university will give a lot of benefits, one of them is for generating university revenue for royalties and intellectual activities.

In the last two years, the Center of IPR or Pusat Pengembangan Hak Kekayaan Intelektual Property-PPHKI gets its supports from the SPIRE Project, funded by the European Commission for strengthening the management. Prof. Samadi, the coordinator of SPIRE at Syiah Kuala University (Unsyiah), said that one of the SPIRE program outputs is to produce IP Policy document. Right now, Unsyiah does not have an IP Policy document that defines the rules and procedures of intellectual property ownership, royalty sharing, technology transfers, and etc. With the help from Dr. Taufik Fuadi Abidin, the Chairman of the Institute for Research and Community Services (LPPM), Dr. Abdullah, the Head of the Center for Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), Dr. Sri Walny Rahayu, the expert of IPR, and Mr. Zulfadhli, the SPIRE team member, the draft of IP Policy document for Unsyiah has been compiled, consists of 16 Chapters and 22 Articles.

On Tuesday, August 6, 2019, the IP Policy document was disseminated to the Rector, Vice Rectors, and the Chairman of the Institute for Education Development and Quality Assurance (LP3M) to get some feedback before it is finalized. Prof. Dr. Samsul Rizal, was very happy with the IP Policy for Unsyiah and hope that it can be finalized and signed in September. Before that, the IP Policy will be disseminated also to the Deans and Head of the Departments in Unsyiah.